Module «Loyalty»


Chapter I: Understand your Customers and Reward them with a LoyaltyCard
Chapter I

Understand your Customers and Reward them with a LoyaltyCard

Creating a loyalty card has never been easier. Utilization of the parameters created in the LoyaltyProgram module enables administrators to customize names, descriptions, minimum balances, max balances, currencies, and stores for every issued card. There are numerous options to configure loyalty cards, including parameters such as a card’s ability to be reloaded, refunded, or linked pin requirements.

Using the LoyaltyProgram module, administrators can assign virtual loyalty cards and provide an option to obtain a physical card to be scanned in shops. Cards can be created, assigned, replaced, blocked, and sent via the LoyaltyCard submodule, all within a single interface.

Chapter II

Loyalty Cards that go Beyond Loyalty

Loyalty cards are more than just pieces of plastic or virtual sets of numbers: they provide customer data every time they are used. Customers' buying preferences, habits, and purchase frequency can be utilized to create key performance indicators of brands.

Secondly, they build brand awareness by offering participants exclusive deals and discounts, which can incentivize others to join and participate. Their functionality can be configured to meet the demands of any industry, allowing for maximum flexibility.