Module «Loyalty»


Chapter I: Issue GiftCards to build your Loyalty Program
Chapter I

Issue GiftCards to build your Loyalty Program

Gift cards, such as loyalty cards, have their own strengths in a loyalty program. Popular amongst customers, they are the perfect instant reward centered around campaigns or holidays. Gift cards are an excellent alternative to selecting gifts for friends or relatives and are convenient to use, can be loaded on demand, and are easily assigned to a customer. Account statements can be generated to track and analyze customer data.

Administrators can import existing gift cards or utilize the simple creation process, which prompts for the name and description of each gift card, as well as the points, value, number of customers, and other key criteria. Once a gift card is created, it is readily filterable or searchable via the instant search function. Using the all-in-one dashboard, administrators can set criteria such as the max balance, currency, and parameters around validity such as start and end dates.

Much like loyalty cards, card status can be modified to be reusable, reloadable, refundable, or requiring a pin. Cards can be uploaded via batch functionality and can be cloned or exported, making the process of creating new gift card incentives a breeze.

Chapter II

The Gift that Keeps on Giving Data

Gift cards are unique non-cash incentive that can engage customers and encourage repeat transactions and sales for businesses. Issuing gift cards can shed light on customer transaction and visit history and provide rewards to guide customers to purchase products and services that are tailored specifically to them, thereby building brand awareness while simultaneously increasing profits.

A reward such as a personal gift, vacation, or a meal shared with friends and paid for with a gift card can foster an emotional connection to a brand. It is vital to create a relevant gift card experience that allows customers to form a bond, rather than just simply using a gift card as another payment card option.

Using customer data to keep up-to-date and on-trend will maximize the benefits of gift cards for both the customer and the brand.