Module «Loyalty»


Chapter I

Create the Best Offer with Coupons

Everyone loves coupons, and this functionality not only incentivizes existing customers to return, but also creates a lucrative opportunity to obtain new customers. Coupons and vouchers can be imported or created by name, description, points, and validity dates. When automatically generated by using segmented demographic groups or marketing campaigns, coupons can be distributed with ease.

Coupons can be separated into many categories, including classic and marketing coupons. Classic coupons are not assigned to a member and contain only one identification which can be used for multiple members.

Marketing coupons are personalized – they are assigned individually or can be added to a campaign, and thereby automatically applied to all selected members.

Chapter II

Customers Always get the Best Deal

To simplify coupon distribution, a “best offer” hierarchy is applied to coupons.

This can include basket offers or line items, fixed or percentage discounts, or a combination of coupons. The ability to customize this is in the loyalty program administrator’s hands. This eliminates the hassle of customers haphazardly attempting to find the best deal and enables administrators to make the decisions that benefit them – and the business.