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From left to right: Simon Grenacher (CFO) and Thomas Wagner (CEO) of iLoy Solutions.

Introduction «ality»

iLoy Solutions launches ality, a software for realtime loyalty marketing of extensive customer portfolios

iLoy Solutions from Wettingen presents its software solution «ality» for realtime customer loyalty marketing. ality was designed and developed in close cooperation with the initial customer, based on decades of loyalty experience of the core team.

Press Release | Wettingen, June 27, 2023

iLoy Solutions, based in Wettingen, has launched its new software solution «ality» for realtime loyalty marketing. The innovative platform was developed in close cooperation with the initial customer BonusCard. iLoy Solutions AG was founded in 2019 and consists, among others, of the IT and technical specialists of the former prosystem, who have been successfully developing and supporting individual customer loyalty solutions in Wettingen for 30 years.

Realtime loyalty platform for extensive customer portfolios

ality is a SaaS all-in-one solution for digital customer loyalty marketing and is particularly suitable for large customer portfolios and for use in complex environments. The main target markets are consumer industries such as retail, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, energy, NGOs, tourism and travel. In addition, the platform offers core functions of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and thus enables a data-compliant 360-degree customer view and at the same time a solid foundation for a successful omnichannel business model.

Maximum benefit for users and customers

Using ality for customer loyalty marketing offers companies numerous advantages and high added value. The software processes data in real time from various customer touchpoints such as online stores, physical checkouts, ERP and CRM systems, and social media. It makes personalized decisions, automatically selects the most profitable promotions and manages targeted campaigns and promotions. ality perfectly understands end customers and encourages them to make repeat purchases of desired products and services. At the same time, the platform maximizes customer value for the operating company and improves the customer experience, resulting in intense customer loyalty with many repeat purchases.

Thomas Wagner, CEO of iLoy Solutions, emphasizes the importance of customer retention in today's competitive business environment and sees ality as a solution to optimize customer relationships and build long-term connections. Simon Grenacher, CFO of the company, adds that the efficient and scalable ality is particularly ideal for companies with larger customer portfolios.

Currently, ality is being used successfully by BonusCard and two well-known Swiss retail brands. The marketing of ality as a standard solution for modern customer loyalty marketing has just begun and is initially focused on German-speaking countries. iLoy Solutions is also negotiating with software-experienced investors for this purpose, which are intended to accelerate the planned growth.

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About iLoy Solutions AG

Founded in 2019, iLoy Solutions, based in Wettingen, Switzerland, has developed «ality», a modern SaaS software solution for automated realtime loyalty marketing of large customer portfolios.

ality is a complete web-based solution for digital loyalty marketing. Its strengths are particularly evident in very large customer portfolios (from around 50,000 customers) and in complex environments.

The software is mainly used in consumer industries. These include, for example, retail, financial services, insurance and health insurance companies, telecoms, energy, NGOs, public service providers, and tourism and travel.

ality additionally contains core functions of a Customer Data Platform (CDP), thus enabling a data protection-compliant 360-degree customer view and providing a solid foundation for a successful omnichannel business model.

Realtime Loyalty Platform for large-scale Customer Portfolios



One solution with 3 modules for profitable loyalty marketing.

Why ality?


ality maximizes the value of your large-scale customer portfolios.



Superior loyalty expertise based on years of experience.

Again and again | In real time | Automatically

ality systematically maximizes the Value of your large-scale Customer Portfolios

«show them you know them»

Across all industries, we enable brands to create a new level of customer experience that leads to more profitable business results. Learn for a firsthand experience how ality can help drive your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our loyalty platform.